LED Eye Protection Touch Switch Table Lamp Study Reading Children Desk Lights Night Light with Mini Fan

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Item Type:Desk Lamps
Light Source:LED Bulbs
Switch Type:Touch On/Off Switch
Power Source:DC
Is Dimmable:Yes
1. Can also use the power outage
2. Large-capacity charging battery combined with stepless dimming function, the battery life can be up to 12 hours, high-brightness use state can be maintained for 3~4 hours, while supporting the connection charger to use in the charging state 3. Touch switch stepless dimming
4. When the finger touches the light button, the light can be turned on or off. When the finger is lightly touched for more than three seconds, the brightness of the light can be adjusted, the current brightness is released, and the product has automatic brightness memory function.
5. Variety bending hose
6. The upper part of the fan can be bent freely. The pillars are made of anti-pressure, flexible and wear-resistant silicone coils, which can be twisted up and down 360* freely to meet the needs of your angle adjustment.

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