LED Large Screen Digital Electronic Clock Remote Control Double-sided Wall Clock US Plug(Red)

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1. Weight: 2500g
2. Dimensions: 51.8×21×2.7 cm
3. Material: ABS, Acrylic
4. Style: modern and simple
5. Functions: time, date, temperature, 16 alarm clocks, countdown, stopwatch, auto-sensitivity/manual 8-position brightness adjustment, 20 meters remote control (2 7th batteries need to be purchased by yourself)
6. Features: beautiful and practical, durable, moisture-proof and ventilated, large and bright fonts, stable brightness without flicker, energy saving and environmental protection, power-off memory function, with two iron chains for easy installation and good load bearing, long pinholes are safe and reliable Shedding, thick and durable, versatile
7. Suitable places: home, school, hotel, conference hall, gym, company, subway station, etc.

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