LED Mirror Alarm Clock Digital Snooze Table Clock Electronic Time Temperature Large Display with Wake Up Light Blue Light

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  • Type:Alarm Clocks
  • Material:Metal
  • Feature:LUMINOVA
  • Display Type:Digital
  • Style:Modern
  • Screen Type:LED
  • Shape:Square
  • Function:Snooze Function
1. LED time display
2. 12/24 hour conversion
3. Alarm clock / snooze function
4. Temperature display (degree Celsius / Fahrenheit )
5. Temperature range: 0 degree-50 degree
6. Night mode setting (18:00-06:00)
7. Mirror function
8. Time and temperature switch display
9. 2 brightness level
10. Five function buttons (MODE, ALARM, SNZ / LIGHT, UP, DOWN)
11. Time memory function (3XAAA battery for time memory)
12. Power consumption: 3 AAA batteries (not included) USB charging cable (included)
13. When the battery is charged or powered by the USB cable, a BI sound is emitted and the LED lights up.
14. While the battery is charging, press the SNZ / LIGHT button and the LED will illuminate for 5 seconds.
15. When using a USB cable, the LED indicator will always be lit.

Size: 14 x 5.5 x 3.4 cm
Weight: 145g

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