LED Remote Control Dimming Living Room Sofa Floor Lamp Creative Bedroom Bedside Decorative Light, Size:300mm


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1. Voltage: ≤36 V
2. Style: Simple and modern
3. Material: PE cover + PC lamp holder
4. Description: 16 colors for free choice, 4 dream modes
5. Dimensions: D150 mm, D200 mm, D250 mm, D300 mm
6. Weight: D150 mm: 600 g, D200 mm: 1200 g, D250 mm: 1800 g, D300 mm: 2100 g
7. Features: Multi-color optional, remote dimming, 10-12 hours available, LED lamp beads, IP65-68 waterproof, lightweight and environmentally friendly, free to move, safe and anti-drop, low carbon energy saving
8. Irradiation area: 10㎡-15㎡
9. Applicable places: Home places, leisure places, outdoor places
10. Battery capacity: D150 mm: polymer lithium battery 850 MAH, D200 mm: polymer lithium battery 1100 MAH, D250 mm: polymer lithium battery 1100 MAH, D300 mm: polymer lithium battery 2200 MAH
11. Charging standard: 110v-240v 50/60Hz DC4.2-5V

1. Use this product for the first time, please press the bottom switch button to activate
2. Avoid contacting the product with high temperature, and keep away from fire and other heat sources
3. Please follow the instructions, please leave the battery fully charged for a long time, and recharge it every month
4. To prolong the service life, avoid prolonged exposure to water, swimming pools or strong sunlight
5. Product accessories Remote control and charger are not waterproof, please do not contact with water
6. This product is rain-proof, but it cannot be immersed in water for a long time.

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