LED Seven Color Dazzles,Double Vibration Low-sounding, Metal Appearance,Portable Bluetooth Speaker Support TF

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1. Metal outer mesh material: Imported metal meets fashionable designers, and this hard and stable speaker shell is born. No matter how loud the sound is, it will not shake, and it is truly as stable as Mount Tai.
2.16-core full-frequency rubidium-iron-boron internal magnetic large voice coil speaker, excellent sound effect, more than 99% fidelity effect, strong bass, mellow midrange, sweet treble, full on-site surround feeling, showing the sound quality well.
3. Bluetooth playback: it can be connected to your mobile phone, tablet computer, laptop and other electronic devices with Bluetooth
4. TF card playback: plug and play, support lossless music, flac, mp3, wav and other formats
5. Audio input: The audio cable uses a standard 3.5mm interface, which can be connected to MP3, MP4, mobile phones, desktop computers, tablets and other devices
7. Answer the call
8. Built-in powerful anti-breaking sound power amplifier: high-efficiency output, full sound quality, full and powerful, all kinds of musical instruments have distinct sounds, and restore the most authentic sound quality
9. Large-capacity battery brings super endurance, overcharge and overload protection, safer charging

Speaker system: 2.0 channels
Active passive: active
Features: Colorful LED+Bluetooth+Card
Power supply mode: polymer lithium battery, 2300mAh
Rated power: 10W
Frequency response: 105KHz-20KHz
Speaker unit: 2x1.5 inches
Signal to noise ratio: 80dB
Bluetooth: 4.0
Speaker size: 24×7×7cm

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