Lenovo Thinkplus Desktop Air Purifier KJ-532

LenovoArtikelnummer-Lagerplatz | HAP5102B

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1. Strong purification to create your own personal breathing area:
Equipped with HEPAH11 filter as standard to prevent dust mite haze
If the CADR of the particulate matter reaches 160m3H, it is closer to you and more efficient
The formaldehyde CADR value reaches 38mH, and the optional aldehyde removal ball filter (*The aldehyde removal ball filter needs to be purchased separately)
Three-speed wind speed ring-shaped wind, try to take off the mask during allergic season
2. A spring breeze is worse than a new wind blowing towards you:
Highly sensitive particle sensor, PM2.5 index real-time display
Automatic manual dual mode switching, purify according to your wishes
Negative ion generator, take a deep breath of happiness? Ultraviolet sterilization UV lamp to remove germs in the air
3. Quiet companionship is a love confession:
Noise optimization, working noise is not higher than 61 decibels.
Sleep mode, close the aperture and purify silently
4. All you need to know outside of breathing is the switch:
Easy to use, buy and use at zero learning cost
Removal of aldehyde and haze, unique mud filter black technology
5. Basic product parameters:
Rated voltage: 220V
Rated frequency: 50HZ
Rated power: 32W
Fruit particle CADR: 160m3/H
Formaldehyde CADR: 38.2m3/H
Application area: 11-19m2
Noise of the whole machine: 61db
Overall size: 218*218*345mm
Motor form: AC
6. Basic functions:
3-speed wind speed
Simple LED display interface, real-time display PM2.5 index
High precision particle sensor
With automatic mode, sleep mode
Time switch, choose to change freely

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