LiitoKala Lii-PD4 Nickel-hydrogen Battery Charger for Li-ion / IMR LiFePO4 26650,21700,20700, 18650, 18490, 18350, 17670, 17500, 16340(RCR123), 14500, 10440


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1. Size: 14.7*10*3.7
2. Weight: 221g
3. Input power supply: AC power cord 110-240V 50/60Hz (standard built-in power supply)/DC 12V 1A (optional)
4. Output Voltage: DC 4.2V for Li-Ion, DC 4.35V for IMR, DC 3.65V for LiFePO4, DC 1.48V for NiMH/NI-Cd
5. Output current: Li-Ion/IMR/LiFePO4 2000mA*1 (only the fourth channel), 1000mA*2, 500mA*3, 500mA*4, NiMH/NiCd: 1000mA*2, 500mA*3, 500mA*4
6. Mode: Each of the four buttons controls a slot. Within 5 seconds after power-on is put into the battery, the type of rechargeable battery can be selected by clicking the mode key of the corresponding slot. After 5 seconds, the type of rechargeable battery (e.g. 3.20V 3.80V) needs to be selected, the battery can be charged.
7. LCD: When the charger is connected to the power supply, the LCD display will be fully displayed for 3 seconds. If the battery is not placed in the charging tank, the LCD display null. 30 seconds after no operation, the display will be extinguished. When the battery is detected, the LCD displays the corresponding slot number and the battery type symbol (Li-ion-3.70V) flickers. If not, click the Mode key to select the type of battery to charge. If not, the battery will be charged in 5 seconds after entering the default recognition. At this time, the charge display percentage symbol flickers to indicate that the charging is going on, and the voltage, capacity and time are displayed. The percentage shows 100% when charging is completed and End is shown at the lower right.
8. Compatible battery types and models: Li-ion/IMR/LiFePO4: 26650, 21700, 20700, 18650, 18490, 18350, 17670, 17500, 16340 (RCR123), 14500, 10440; NiMH/Cd: AA, AAA, SC, C

1. The charger can only charge cylindrical lithium-ion batteries (3.7V, 3.8V), nickel-hydrogen/nickel-cadmium batteries (1.2V) and lithium iron phosphate batteries (3.2V).
2. Before use, please refer to the instructions carefully and pay attention to the recommended charging current of the rechargeable battery. Do not charge more than the recommended current.
3. If the 12V DC adapter is chosen, the output current should be no less than 1A.
4. Charger charging may be hot, pay attention not to scald;
5. When stopping using, please unplug the power supply and battery.
6. It can only be used indoors.
7. The test data of this product are for reference only. Refer to the professional instruments for the actual situation.

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