LINEPAUDIO A961 2-Channel Microphone Amplifier Electric Guitar Electric Bass Amplifier(Black)

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About The Product
Nowadays, many hard disk recorders and computer audio interfaces dona??t have condenser microphone amplifier and microphone power supply, so that the condenser microphone cannot be used directly upon insertion. To address this problem, we provide you with LINEPAUDIO Two-channel Condenser microphone Amplifier.
LINEPAUDIO A961 provides two high-quality microphone PreAmps, XLR balanced input, with gain control and 48V phantom power supply, so that any device only with line input port can readily use after connected to the condenser microphone. In addition, A961 also provides 2X 6.35mm high-impedance input ports, you can record by directly inserting the electric guitar, bass or other instrument

1. 2x balanced XLR microphone input port, with independent 60dB gain switch knob and 48V phantom power switch.
2. 2x high-impedance TS input port, with independent 40dB gain switch knob.
3. 2x TRS balanced /non-balanced output port.
4. The lowest SNR in similar products, 48V phantom power supply, ultra-compact architecture
5. Frequency response range: 5hz - 50khz, +0, -3dB
6. MIC gain: Up to 60dB
7. MIC input impedance: 1K Ohm
8. Line input gain: Up to 40dB
9. Line input impedance: 100K Ohms

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