LINEPAUDIO A966 Pro Eight-channel Headphone Amplifier Headphone Distributer Signal Amplifier(Black)

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About The Product
1. LINEPAUDIO A966 is a high-quality eight-channel high-power headphone amplifier which perfectly drives various high-impedance pro monitor headphones, provides the performer with quality monitor sound quality, and enables the performer to get immersed in the show and fully present his own musical work. This product not only provides the function of headphone amplifier, in order to be more user-friendly, it has a built-in intercom function at the studio-level. When the sound engineer wants to communicate with the performer in a different room, just insert the microphone (intercom microphone) to easily issue to the performer various working instructions, what the engineer jus said will be transmitted to eight headphones.
2. It provides eight sets of stereo channel outputs to improve the sound quality control and amplification and the background noise is small, with a wide dynamic range without sonic boom, the output sound volume of each channel is controlled by sensitivity adjustment knob, each channel can drive 16ohms-600ohms headphone, lossless in the quality without distortion. The product also provides an independent 6.5mm stereo associated input port, which can be easily connected to other devices in the studio; furthermore, it provides one-channel microphone intercom function input function, allowing for an easy intercom in the internal channel.
3. The circuit has OP + BUG architecture and uses AC12V transformer power supply to ensure a strong drive.
4. The 16ohms-600ohms high-impedance headphone can be driven through the volume regulation knob, with full sound, calm bass, clear high frequency, without any signal sonic boom. It is a headphone distributer as well as a headphone amplifier, which can easily drive the 16ohms-600ohms headphone. It has extensive applications, including band rehearsal /studio recording/ home entertainment/music enjoyment/comparison of business headphone distribution.

1. 4x 6.35mm Stereo headphone output port (optionally connected to the headphone of any impedance).
2. 4x 3.5mm Stereo headphone output port (optionally connected to the headphone of any impedance).
3. TS 6.35mm L and R input port (optionally connected to the signal sound sources such as computer sound card or mixing console).
4. TRS 6.35mm Stereo input port (optionally connected to the intercom such as microphone).
5. 4 Independent channels stereo volume output control knob.
6. Input impedance: 100KOhm.
7. Max. input level: +14dBV.
8. Output impedance: 47 Ohm at each output channel .
9. Power source: AC12V.
10. Frequency response: 20Hz - 20KHz.
11. SNR: > 107dB.
12. THD: < 0.08%.
13. IMD: < 0.01%.
14. Input port: Stereo 1/4 TRS plug, L and R channel, 1/4 TS plug.
15. Output port: 4x 6.35mm Stereo 1/4 headphone jack + 4x 3.5mm Stereo 1/8 headphone jack.

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