LINEPAUDIO A967 Full-balanced Passive PreAmp Active Speaker Two-channel Volume Controller(Black)

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About The Product
1. LINEPAUDIO A967 Passive PreAmp Active Speak Volume Two-Channel Controller is small and compact, applicable to use with active speaker or PostAmp, supports full-balanced or single-ended signal I/O, equipped with a switch for easily switching I/O signal.
2. Infinitely picky about the sound quality, infinitely tolerant on music. Passive PreAmp Volume Controller makes the desktop simple.
3. Small size but great wisdom, LINEPAUDIO A967 is tiny but with a complete set of common interfaces, supports full-balanced audio signal regulation and single-ended audio signal regulation, and switches I/O signal.
4. Suitable for the decoder and speaker without volume regulation, with the balanced I/O, RCA I/O architecture and switch function enabled. Its PreAmp will not cause a loss of signal source. In general, the audio source signals out of the decoder reproduces the original signals. The large dynamic range will not cause a quality loss, but keep the original signal source intact.
5. The preferred choice of active speaker, more and more music fans are not satisfied with the sound quality performance of common multimedia speakers, but rather select professional active monitor speakers. But such speakers generally don't have a volume regulation knob, but have to use with PreAmp. Most active monitor headphones are used for the desktop near-field listening, but a common HiFi PreAmp is large and occupies a large area. Moreover, most are concerned about whether the timbre of PreAmp matches the speaker or not, whether the sound effect is ideal or not.
6. But from now on, LINEPAUDIO A967 Two-Channel Volume Controller perfectly addresses the above two concerns, LINEPAUDIO A967 is small and compact, the internal circuit architecture design will not cause a loss of sound quality, the internal power amplifier of active speaker is enough to drive the speaker, so that you can hear the most genuine timbre and quality of the speaker, free from the need of choosing a suitable PreAmp.

1. Input/Output impedance: 10Kohms - 50Kohms.
2. Two-channel I/O switch, RCA and Balanced XRL I/O.
3. Input: RCA / Balanced XLR (switch).
4. Output: RCA / Balanced XLR (switch).

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