LINEPAUDIO B895 Five-channel Stereo Microphone Mixer with Earphone Monitoring(Black)

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About The Product
1. The B895 is a mini five-channel stereo mixer designed for audio and video applications with independent volume control and earphone/line output. The product has one XLR input, one 1/8 input and three groups stereo RCA inputs. It has enough gain and output level to connect to the power amplifier with RCA or 1 / 8 Jack. 12VDC adapter power supply. Channel 1 has a microphone XLR input with a switchable Phantom Power supply. Channel 2 has 1/8 and RCA input. Channel 3 and channel 4 have RCA jacks. The product can also output 1/8 headset output, can drive up to 600 ohms headphone, with a full frequency response.
2. DC PWR used to connect a DC12V power supply.
3. OUT: stereo RCA jack for connecting mixers or amplifiers.
4. CH 4 and CH 3 INPUT: stereo RCA jack for connecting signal sources such as CD player, tape deck, tuner, computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.
5. CH 2 input: stereo RCA and a 1/8 jack (parallel) are used to connect signal sources, such as those mentioned in CH 3 and CH 4, or to wireless microphones or musical instruments. CH 1 INPUT: XLR Jack used to connect the microphone. A switchable jumper power source marked on the unit. Line/headphone output: 1/8 stereo jack for connecting sound console, amplifier, or stereo headset. CH 1-4 LEVEL: adjust the volume of each channel.

1. For mixed microphone XLR input and up to three RCA input signals
2. Input impedance: 10K ohms per jack
3. CH1 gain: 32dB XLR jack (maximum gain)
4. Phantom power: for CH 1 microphone XLR
5. CH2 gain: 26dB 1 / 8 inch and RCA
6. CH 3 and CH 4 gain: each RCA--26dB
7. Output: 1/8 inch stereo and stereo RCA
8. Signal-noise ratio: > 90dB
9. THD: <0.008
10. IMD SMPTE: <0.008
11. Power supply: 12V DC adapter

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