LINEPAUDIO B896 Four-channel Sassive Mixer (Black)

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About The Product
1. Mini passive stereo mixer is a stereo four-way passive mixer for extended control tuning, mixing instrument, CD player, tape player, computer, mobile phone, tablet and so on. No battery or other power source required. The device can also be used as 1 In 4 Out stereo distributor clockwise to adjust the volume.
2. OUTPUT: is used to connect RCA jack to mixer output or other output devices.
3. IN 1-4: controls the signal level from input 1-4.
4. 4 groups of stereo RCA input and 1 group of stereo RCA output.
5. Four independently regulated 100K ohms potentiometers.

1. Input impedance: 10K ohms to 47K ohms
2. Output impedance: 2.5K ohms to 10K ohms
3. Gain: -12dB MAX

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