LN-22 DC 5V Portable Wireless Speaker with Hands-free Calling & Dual Colorful LED Light, Support USB & TF Card & 3.5mm Aux

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1. Support TF card.
2. Support USB.
3. Support 3.5mm audio.
4. Press the button to play/pause, and the volume is turned up/down.
5. Hands-free calling and release your hands.
5. Built-in 1200mAh capacity battery, playable time: 12 hours.
6. Both ends are equipped with colorful LED lights, which flash/turn off with the on/off button.
7. The bottom non-slip mat design ensures a firm position and prevents friction between the table and the speaker, causing the speaker to wear out.
8. Waterproof splash design can properly deal with water splashes in daily life.

The package contains:
Speaker x 1
Mirco USB charging cable x 1

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