Long Sports Anti-collision Anti-fall Breathable Honeycomb Knee Pads, Size:XL(Purple)


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1. Adopt honeycomb design and support each other to effectively slow down and disperse the impact and protect the flexibility of the movement.
2. Lycra fabric, breathable, lightweight, antibacterial, and absorbent.
3. Ergonomically fit joints and muscles, the structure is tightly fitted and not worn, the force is balanced, and the free movement does not slip.
4. The foam display combination can respond quickly, with good elasticity and effectively prevent leg injuries.
5. The wave non-slip silicone strip can effectively prevent the kneepad from moving down during exercise.
6. Protect your muscles from pulling in outdoor activities such as basketball, football, cycling, golf and baseball.

Packing list
Kneepad (only) x 1

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