Lotus Ceramic Nano Spray Hydrating Aroma Humidifier Air Purifier(Pink Flower + White Body Ceramic)

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Humidification Method:Mist Discharge
Type:Ultrasonic Humidifier
Power Type:USB
Main Feature:
1. Material: edible TPE (lotus) + ceramic (body)
2. Ceramic body, fine sanding
3. 2s replacement filter, new filter lock (volid lock)
4. Mini portable design, easy to carry, support water-soluble essential oil

Product information:
1. USB cable length: 120cm (for office, home, car, etc.)
2. 3 working modes, up to 16 hours of working time
- First click, blue light: continuous spraying for 10 hours, automatic power off
- The second click, green light: continuous injection for 6 hours, automatic power off
- The third click, red light: 16 hours intermittent spray (spray 3 seconds, stop 2 seconds), automatic power off
- Press the touch switch 2s, turn off the LED light and continue the current soray sattus
3. Water tank capacity: 200ML
4. Product rated voltage: DC5V
5. Maximum power: 2W
6. Product size: 10 * 8.4cm

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