Lovelife WC37130 Acrylic English Digital DIY Stereo Wall Clock Wall Stick Clock (Silver)

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1. If you are affixed to the surface of glass or ceramic tile, because the material is relatively smooth, it is best to dry the veneer with a clean rag before affixing, which is easier to paste and flattened.
2. For larger pattern stickers, there may be some bubbles appearing after flattening. At this time, you can use a scratch card to remove the bubbles or use a needle tip to puncture the small bubbles, which will not affect the overall paste effect.
3. If the pasted wall is damp, aging or just painted with new paint, it may cause the wall sticker to fall off automatically after peeling, or it may cause the wall to peel off. You can use the hair dryer to blow the wall or let the paint surface volatilize for a while. After posting, but the effect may be different, please carefully select the location.
4. If you accidentally put the wall sticker in the wrong position, you can use a small blade to gently pry off the corner of the wall and re-stick it. This product can be reused under normal conditions, as long as it is not torn.
5. DIY series products are compact in size. You can play with unlimited creativity and freely arrange the shapes and positions. You can use scissors to cut the patterns separately. When cutting, be careful not to cut the patterns. Then you can design them first. Typography, and then create a unique creative space.
6. Applicable places: public places, living rooms, offices, study rooms, bedrooms.

1. Movement type: quartz sweeping silent movement.
2. Pointer size: The hour hand is 6.5cm long, the minute hand is 9cm long, and the second hand is 12cm long.
3. Upper wall size: 40x40cm (custom size).
4. Power: Universal 5th battery (excluding battery).
5. Material: high quality mirror PS plastic.

1. When you first receive it, there will be a protective film on the surface, which will be like a mist. After peeling off the protective film, it will be a bright mirror.
2. The mirror surface is not made of glass. Do not touch or rub after peeling off the protective film.
3. After the paste is applied, when the protective film on the front side is uncovered, if it is not peeled off with a nail, it can be easily torn by means of a blade, a needle or the like.

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