LP1807 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Support AUX / Optical / HDMI ARC / RCA / Subwoofer / USB

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1. It adopts split design, easy to separate, and the Sound Bar can be turned into a vertical combination sound momentarily. Moreover, there are three kinds of placement modes for you to choose, split, integral and wall-mounted.
2. With 6 high-quality full-range speakers and 2 bass diaphragms, it offers you a chance to indulge yourself in omnibearing stereo with powerful bass and mellow and realistic sound, when watching movies, concerts and sports games and enjoying music.
3. Support Bluetooth 4.2 and wireless connection to mobile phones, PAD and other tablet devices.
4. Support AUX, optical, HDMI ARC, RCA, subwoofer, and so on.
5. Equipped with USB interface, easy to read the audio files of U disks, MP3 and other audio files.
6. Power: 10W x4+5W x2.
7. Speaker specifications: 2 inches x4 + 1 inches x2.
8. Power supply voltage: DC 15V 2A.
9. Frequency response: 80Hz-16KHz.
10. The product can be disassembled in half.
11. The shipment is equipped with a vertical base.
12. Packing: Audio *1 pair,User manual *1,Remote control *1,HDMI ARC HD cable *1,Optical cable *1,2-RCA male to female adapter *1,AUX 3.5mm audio cable *1,DC power adapter *1,Tripod *2,Base *2.

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