LR-Z128 Electric Ozonizer Air Purifiers For Home Food Fruit Sterilization Detoxification Machine, Power Plug:220V EU Plug(White)

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1. Ozone sterilization and detoxification, effectively remove food, pesticides, bacteria and viruses in fruits and vegetables, making food more delicious and fresh
2. Make daily disinfectant water from the machine, you can use the disinfectant to purify the air or clean and clean it.
3. Made of high quality ABS material, durable, no smell
4. Can be applied to food, fruit, vegetables, seafood, refrigerators, mobile phones, wallets, clothes, quilts, baby products, home decoration, cars, etc.

Technical Parameters:
1. Material: ABS
2. Power: 15W
3. Ozone output: 600mg / h
4. Working time: Up to 30 minutes at a time
5. Size: 26.5x16x5.5cm
6. Weight: 845g

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