LZ E27 DC 5V Portable Wireless Speaker with Hands-free Calling, Support USB & TF Card & 3.5mm Aux(Blue)

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1. Support TF card.
2. Support USB.
3. Support 3.5mm audio.
4. Button operation play/pause, on/off, volume up/down, hands-free calling.
5. Hands-free calling and release your hands.
6. Pure music, high quality and fidelity.
7. Two-way resonant radiation device, equipped with high-efficiency power amplifier, ultra-low frequency, rich bass, for a more powerful bass effect.
8. Built-in 1500mAh capacity battery, playable time: 1-3 hours.
9. The bottom non-slip pad design ensures a firm position and prevents friction between the table and the speaker, causing the speaker to wear out.
10. Leather handle design for easy carrying.

The package contains:
Bluetooth speaker x 1
3.5mm Aux line x 1
Mirco USB charging cable x 1

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