M1 Mini Bluetooth Subwoofer Speaker Portable Aluminium Alloy Wireless TWS Bluetooth, Support Handfree Call(Moonlight Silver)

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Funny Points:
(1) The wireless speaker is so tiny, easy to take:39*37.5Mm size, much smaller than your hand 120g weight, much lighter than mobile phoneChic and cute color as a decoration, it's not a bad choice if you put it at your bag, bike etc
(2) Interesting mixed choice:
How to do if you want to use 1 pc black and 1pc red color speaker at the same time?
It doesn't matter. You could chose 1 black color and 1 red color speaker, connect them through interconnection function.Also, you could use one by one alone.
How funny it is!

Fresh coloful outdoor mini speaker, portable device for leisure, sport, work
Bluetooth V5.0, fast data tranfer speed in 10-15m
Multifunction: On/Off; Play/Pause; Volume+/-; Music+/-
Interconnection function make 2 speakers to connect one mobile phone at the same time

Bluetooth chip: JL
Bluetooth version: 4.2
Signal noise ratio: >70db
Rated power : 2W
Bluetooth range: 10 meters
Radio frequency: 90Hz~20KHz
Speaker size: 20mm
Degree of distortion: <1%
Battery capacity: 320mAh
Charging voltage: DC5V
Product weight: 120g
Product size: 39*39*37.5mm
Product Material: Metal+ABS

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