M3 0.96 inches TFT Color Screen Smart Bracelet IP67 Waterproof, Support Call Reminder /Heart Rate Monitoring /Blood Pressure Monitoring /Sleep Monitoring /Weather Forecast (Black)

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1. Appearance material Front case: PC, rear case: ABS+PC, wristband: environmental protection TPE.
2. Battery type: polymer lithium battery, battery capacity 90mAh.
3. Compatible systems: Android 4.4 and above, iOS 8.2 and above.
4. Key features: color screen, heart rate, blood pressure, multi-sports mode, weather forecast.
5. APP support languages: Russian, German, Italian, Japanese, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Korean.
6. Main features: multi-sports mode, weather forecast, full font, HD 0.96 color screen, dynamic 3D interface UI, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, step counting, calories, distance, sleep monitoring, sports mode, call reminder, alarm reminder, Raise your hand to screen, social sharing (WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter) and other shake photos, two-way search.

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