M9 Bluetooth5.0 Subwoofer Portable Speaker Aluminium Alloy Body Music Player(Black)

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1.Focus,professional,Be careful about every detail on the space, ability is in so cabinet size, achieve the optimal balance of sound quality and sound cavity, bring purer, full, hongliang timbre.
2.Delicate, more than one side,Aluminium Alloy with etching process, the difficulty and cost is higher than several letter, only for the delicate side.
3.Featured super bass give you high fidelity music enjoyment.
4.Big power with small volume,redefine the super bass concept.
5.Color: national tide red, cherry blossom powder, small goose yellow, child heart blue

Bluetooth version: JL5.0
Product Material: Metal+ABS
Signal noise ratio: >70db
Rated power : 3W
Bluetooth range: 10 meters
Radio frequency: 90Hz~20KHz
Speaker size: 20mm
Degree of distortion: <1%
Battery capacity: 300mAh
Charging voltage: DC5V
Product weight: 140g
Product size: 41*41mm

Packing list:
1 * speakers
1 * charging line
1 * instruction

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