MA5 2.8 inch OLED Display Screen 1.0MP Security Camera Smart WiFi Video Doorbell, Support TF Card (32GB Max)


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1. RTOS operating systems.
2. Ultra-low Power Consumption Design,if everyday use 10 times,the machine can use more than 8 months.
3. Easy installation (no need any cable),just WiFi connection, wired installation optional.
4. Dual-powered: runs off the internal battery or can be connected to existing doorbell wiring.
5. PIR motion-activated alerts (passive infrared detection) alarm.
6. Built-in Ding Dong, Support IR automatic night vision function.
7. APP support iPhone, Android, Support two-way speaker function.
8. Built-in Lithium Battery and easy charged by USB.
9. Automatic take a picture when visitor press doorbell.
10. When someone touch the outdoor doorbell, the indoor or doorbell will ring and remind the host open the door.
11. WiFi mode: WiFi 802.11 b/g.

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