MB-8 Retro TV-shaped Subwoofer Bluetooth Speaker with Mobile Phone Stand Function, Supports Hands-free Calling & FM & U Disk & TF Card (White)

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1. The mobile phone stand and speaker are combined into one, which fits the size of most mobile phone screens.
2. Bluetooth 5.0, stable signal and faster transmission, support hands-free calling.
3. Subwoofer gives you a cinematic feel when watching movies on your phone.
4. Support Bluetooth / U disk / TF card to play music.
5. Built-in rechargeable battery, you can listen to FM radio anytime, anywhere.
6. Large-capacity battery for long battery life.

Product parameters:
1. Bluetooth version: 5.0.
2. Working range: 10m.
3. Battery capacity: 1200mAh.
4. Speaker diameter: 52mm.
5. Output power: 5W.
6. Frequency: 280Hz-16KHz.
7. Distortion: less than or equal to 0.5 percent.
8. Charging interface: Micro USB.
9. Product size: 193x70x75mm.
10. Net weight: 355g.

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