meidong MD-6110 Portable wireless Bluetooth Speaker Stereo 15W TF Music Subwoofer Metal Speakers for Outdoor

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1. The exquisite design brings you a sense of visual impact, and the advanced Bluetooth connection technology provides you with a smoother music channel. Good sound quality and bass effects help you enjoy the melody of the music world.
Excellent sound quality: Two 45mm speaker drivers provide stereo sound effects, and two passive radiators support good bass effects. The frequency range is as high as 20HZ-20KHZ, giving you an immersive sound and unparalleled entertainment time, helping you enjoy every entertainment time by touching the melody.
2. Appearance design: laser engraving design and metal appearance provide you with stylish and durable Bluetooth speakers. Whether you use this MD-6110 at home, use it in a car, or take it outdoors, you don''t have to worry about this speaker being crushed.
3. Long battery capacity: built-in advanced Bluetooth LE SoC chip, which can provide more efficient power applications, and the playback time can be up to 10 hours. The USB charging device can be easily charged by USB charging equipment in an emergency. Don''t worry about the phenomenon of no electricity.
4. Ultra-portable: This ultra-compact Bluetooth can be easily put into your bag or travel bag. It is suitable for indoor use. You can listen to music in your free time. You can also use this compact speaker for housework. Use for outdoor activities, such as jogging, small family or friends gathering, camping, traveling, etc. Easy to carry and easy to carry.
5. 4.1 Bluetooth technology: MD-6110 Bluetooth speaker uses advanced 4.1 Bluetooth technology, which can help you pair Bluetooth devices quickly. More convenient and faster.
6. Support call callback and TF card: This speaker can be used during a call to provide a clear communication environment for the battery. At the same time, this speaker also supports the use of TF cards to provide you with a larger capacity of music storage!

Channel: 2 (2.0)
Communication: AUX, Bluetooth, audio cable
Power supply: battery
Support APP: Yes
Material: Metal
Support memory card: yes
Built-in microphone: yes
Cabinet material: metal
Speaker type: portable
Number of speaker enclosures: 1
Frequency range: 65Hz-20KHz

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