Michael Jackson Pattern Cup Cap Hat Shaped Mini USB Humidifier Air Purifier

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1) It can refresh the air and reduce the smog pollution and harmful radiation and prevent the air conditioning disease. Just plug it into the USB outlet in our computers and just set it on the desk or table

2) It really helps to reduce the dryness of the heat and give the dry room some humidity

Simple to use, very convenient and easy to carry

3) Looks like a cup wear a hat, very stylish

4) Can reduce the computer radiation, relieve the damages to eyes

5) Moist your skin, let you enjoy the skin SPA during the working time

6) USB Charging design, suitable for computer, laptop, notebook, tablet PC, PDA

7) A New Style GIFT for your lovers or friends

8) Dimensions: 114.3 x 110.5x 110.5mm

9) Weight: 237g

**How to use the item:

1) Put the towel behind the humidifier, take away the cover at the top of chimney

2) Put clear water into the house humidifier and cover it

3) Connect the house humidifier with your PC after 5mins

4) Press ON/OFF button to start the device

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