Mini 8Port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Switch

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Eight Mini 100 Mbp Switches
1 Connect Plug and Play, easy to install, fast and automatic identification of parallel crossing lines, without any settings, unique wall hanging design, can be installed at will and save space.
2 Lossless data transmission uses secure and stable storage and forwarding mode, and automatically learns to update MAC address. Eight 10/100Mbps are suitable for RJ45 port without dropping off line.
3 Green Ethernet technology, energy saving, environmental protection and low power consumption green Ethernet technology can adjust signal intensity according to cable length by closing inactive ports. Power saving up to 75% is made of advanced 8 copper core, which has fast transmission speed and high stability.
4 Compatibility intact dynamic lamp indication Compatibility computer printer intelligent TV network camera provides 8 dynamic indicator lamp, real-time display of connection status, convenient and practical

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