Mini Creative Desktop USB Silent Aromatherapy Air Sterilizing Humidifier(White)

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1. Size: 11x7.8x11cm
2. Weight: 118g
3. Water capacity: 200ML (MAX)
4. Spray time: regular 4 hours
5. Light time: 1 hour at regular time
6. Number of fog outlets: 1
7. Mode of operation: mechanical
8. Timing function: 2-8 hours
9. Power supply method: USB
10. Noise: below 36dB
11. Input power: DC 5V-1A
12. Rated power: 1.5-2W
13. Application area: less than 10 square meters
14. Scope of use: bedroom/living room/in-car/drier place
15. Product function: mute humidification/night light function/spray (lighting) timing function/can add perfume (essential oil) to diffuse wood

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