Mini Elephant Style 2.4MHz Ultrasound Household Air Purification USB Charging LED Light Humidifying Aromatherapy Purifier, Size:165x77.4x155 mm(Pink)

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1. Unit weight: 210g
2. Dimensions: 165 x 77.4 x 155 mm
3. Material: ABS + PP + electronic components
4. Specifications: Water tank capacity 120ML, ultrasonic frequency 2.4MHz, input power DC5V-1A, product power 5W
5. Features: Unique shape, beautiful and practical, it will automatically shut down when there is no water, you can add your favorite essential oil, USB interface can be used with small night light and small fan, can be used as a mobile power supply to charge the mobile phone, with night light
6. Applicable occasions: Home, office study, travel, etc
7. Instructions for use: (1) Short press the first switch, spray light on (2) Short press the second switch, all off (3) Long press the switch to turn on the night light, long press the switch again to turn off the night light Can be switched separately (4) Do not exceed the water level line when adding water

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