Mini Hot Water Bottle Silicone Bag Portable Knitted Warmer Water Bag(Pink)


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1. Product: Silicone hot water bottle
2. Material: Food grade silicone
3. Size: 16 x 10.3cm
4. Packing: Frosted bag (free knitted bag)
5. Features: Girl physiological period, people with cold constitution are suitable for use
6. Proper use of hot water bottle
- Unscrew the lid of the hot water bottle and fill in 2/3 of hot water. Be careful when filling the water to avoid burns.
- Drain the excess air from the hot water bottle after filling. This step is very important. Be sure to squeeze out the air.
- Tighten the nut with proper strength. Do not use force to prevent slipping.
- Turn the screw cap upside down to see if there is a leak, and wipe the water with a rag

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