Mini Portable Subwoofer Shower Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Handsfree Receive Call Music Suction Mic for iPhone Samsung(White)

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1. It can be used as a waterproof speaker in the shower room. (Do not put the speaker in the water!)
2. Built-in microphone, very convenient to use, you can enjoy hands-free calls and music in the car? Make your driving or traveling more elegant and safe.
3. If you use a suction cup to fix it on a smartphone or tablet, the speaker can be used as a stand, providing you with a comfortable angle to use your device.
4. Convenient buttons for music and call control in the shower, swimming pool or car!
5. Incredible sound-don''t let the soft shower color fool you! The huge highs and lows make it the choice of home audio systems.
6. The attached large suction cup can grab any flat surface! Showers, doors, windows, tables, pool linings, etc.
7. The long-lasting battery life (6 hours) allows you to use it in several showers with just one charge.
8. IPx4 rated waterproof-means you can get water as needed and it will still work normally

Wireless technology: Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR
Transmission frequency: 2.4G Hz
Transmission range: 10M (distance depends on Bluetooth device and environment).
Power supply: DC 5V / 100-120mA
Battery: 3.7V 400mAh lithium battery
Charging time: 3 hours
Waterproof: IPx4 level
Size: 3.5 x 2.0 inches (diameter x H)
Function: play video, phone function
Intelligent personal assistant: none
Remote control: No
Channel: 2 (2.0)
Support memory card: No
Support APP: No
Built-in microphone: yes
Output power: 3W
Support Aptx: No
Play function: MP3
Material: Plastic

The package includes:
Waterproof bluetooth speaker x 1
USB charging cable x 1

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