ML-KT 1.5W DC 5V Airdrop Box Shape Mini USB Ultrasonic Household Office Desktop Humidifier Automatic Alcohol Sprayer(Red)

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1. Product size: 95x95x95mm.
2. Product net weight: 252g.
3. Material: ABS + PP + electronic.
4. Rated voltage: DC 5V.
5. Rated current: 400mAh.
6. Rated power: 1.5W.
7. Battery capacity: 2000mAh.
8. Use time: about 4 hours.
9. Charging time: about 3 hours.
10. Water tank capacity: 300ml.
11. Spray volume: 30-40ml / h.

Instructions for use:
1. Turn the toggle switch to ON.
2. Press the touch switch once for continuous spraying.
3. Press the touch switch a second time to switch to the intermittent spray state; spray for 5 seconds and stop for 2 seconds.
4. Press the third time to turn off the spray function.
5. Press and hold the touch switch to turn on the LED light, and press and hold the touch switch again to turn off the LED light.
6. When charging, the power indicator light is always on, and the full light is off.
7. Double-click the switch to control the USB port on or off.

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