Mobile Portable Hands-free & NFC Bluetooth Stereo Speaker(Purple)

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About the product
Through the different generations of X-mini Capsule Speakers the focus has always been on delivering good quality sound. The philosophy of Sound Beyond Size was revisited with the aim of changing perspectives on the sound to size ratio once again. With a new form factor and size of X-mini WE, X-mini is excited to consolidate the its leading position in the portable speaker category once again. This time we bringing both Bluetooth AND NFC connectivity for the ultimate in flexibility

1. Rugged design. Feels more durable than speakers with pop-open bellows.
2. Small compact design, maximum sound
3. Excellent battery life. play it all day at work without recharging.
4. Bluetooth convenience. This is a huge advantage over most of other speakers, which need to be plugged into the audio jack of the phone/tablet. Wireless is the only way to go if you need to use your device while listening.
5. Set-up is a breeze. Unlike other bluetooth speakers, which consistently has trouble pairing, this one paired instantly and reconnects as soon as you turn it on.
6. Better sound than built in device speakers.
7. Ultra Portability: Loop a lanyard or keychain around the metal bar and bring it everywhere you go
8. Impressive Playback Time: Up to 6 hours of playback with easy Micro-USB charging
9. Wireless Connection: Connect to your Smartphone through Bluetooth via NFC
10. Dongle Function: Control your playlist via Bluetooth just by plugging the X-mini WE into your other wired audio devices
11. With NFC function, more convenient

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