Modern 3D LED Sound Control Colorful Digital Alarm Clock Adjust Brightness Electronic Wall Glowing Hanging Clock with Remote Control(Black)

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1. It has some features including clock, date, alarm and temperature
2.LED display color: 115 kinds
3.Color display mode: monochrome, 7-color cycle or 115-color cycle
4.2 kinds of time display mode: only display time; cycle display time, date and temperature
5. Manually adjust 3 kinds of brightness: LU: 1, LU: 2 and LU: 3
6. With sound control function: In the sound control mode, when the LED is off, it can be turned on by sound control (the LED goes off again after 16 seconds of display)
7. Dual power supply, can switch automatically. After the external power is cut off, the internal power starts to work, and the clock can time normally, but at this time, the LED is not displayed and enters the power saving mode.
8.24H system: fixed years are 2000-2049, 50 years in total
9. Period display time (10s) / date (3s) / temperature (3s)
10. Temperature range: -9-50 degrees Celsius
11.3 daily alarms: 1 minute when time is up
12. Day off alarm function: Saturday and Sunday can turn on / off the alarm function
13. Infrared remote control function

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