Momax 2.4A 8 Pin Nylon Weave Charging Cable, Length : 1m(Silver)

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1. Material: Nylon Knitting + Aluminum Alloy
2. Length: 1m
3. Appendix: Magic Poster
4. Apple official Lightning interface authorization, quality assurance, security compatibility ios8
5. Weaving pattern design, using high strength nylon material to weave fashionable texture, highlighting meticulous
6. Aviation aluminium alloy material, aviation aluminium alloy interface, one-piece forming, vacuum plating to create a metal texture, durable and durable, without fear of scratches.
7. Reinforcement design, injection-moulding reinforcement design, comprehensive protection of external forces on internal welding joint damage, careful and thoughtful
8. High-speed transmission, 1m length, 3.3mm diameter, support up to 5V/2.1A current transmission, but also support data transmission.
9. Core technology, including 4 copper core wires and insulated shielding network, safe, efficient and stable current and data transmission
10. Easy to accept without knotting. Wire flexible and powerful, not easy to knot, and distribution magic stickers, accept more easily
11.All-purpose magic sticker can twist and flatten at will. With a slight twist, it can be turned into a mobile phone bracket.

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