Momax 2.4A 8 Pin Nylon Weave Elite Link Charging Cable, Length : 2m(Rose Gold)

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1. Material: woven + aluminum alloy
2. Weight: 45g
3. Product length: length 2m
4. Accessories: universal magic tile
5. Apple official Lightning interface authorization, quality assurance, security compatible with ios 9/8
6. Woven pattern design, high-strength nylon material is used to weave a stylish texture, highlighting the care
7. Aviation-grade aluminum alloy interface, integrated molding, vacuum plating for metal texture, durable and durable, no fear of scratches
8. Reinforced design, two-end injection molding reinforcement design, comprehensive protection against external damage to the internal welding interface, careful and thoughtful
9. High-speed transmission, 2m length, 3.3mm diameter, support current transmission up to 5V/2.4A, and support data transmission;
10. Core technology, including 4 copper core wire and insulated screen, safe and efficient, stable current and data transmission;
11. Durable and durable, high-density nylon weave, can withstand 5KG of up to 1 minute
12. Easy to store, not knotted. The wire is flexible and easy to knot, and the storage is lighter.
13. Universal Magic Tile, which can be twisted and leveled at will. Simply twist it to become a mobile phone holder; you can wrap the wire around the earphone and neatly store it.

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