MOMAX IP93MFI Q.Power Plug PD Quick Charging Travel Charger Power Adapter with MFI Cable(Dark Gray)

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1. Charging distance: 3-8mm
2. Capacity: 6700mAh
3. Rated capacity: 3800mAh
4. Material: ABS + PC + aluminum alloy
5. Built-in 8 Pin charging cable makes travel charging more convenient
6. AC100-240V broadband voltage, suitable for use in most regions
7. 90-degree foldable AC pin, put in bag / travel case, does not take up space and does not scratch the device
8. Upgrade PD3.0 protocol, Type-C bidirectional fast charge 18W, iPhone 11 Pro can be charged to 50% power in 30 minutes
9. Two power storage methods, AC plug and Type-C port, ensure full energy at any time. When accessing the device, it is preferred to charge the mobile phone / tablet and then recharge
10. Dimensions: 85x85x27mm

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