MOMAX QC2 Q.CLOCK2 Multi-function Wireless Atmosphere Lamp Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker(UK Plug)

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1. High-definition LCD screen creates a full viewing angle, large numbers show time, date and English week abbreviation
2. The bell button at the bottom can switch and set the alarm clock, and the up/down keys can select 4 sweet ringtones such as bird song or melody.
3. Adopt large-diameter moving coil unit, powerful low-frequency surging, clear sense of hierarchy
4. Press the crescent button on the side lightly to switch between 5 kinds of colored light modes, and the mood and light will change with the music melody
5. Bluetooth 5.0 chip, faster transmission speed, strong anti-interference ability, stable signal
6. Intelligent charging chip, safe and reliable
7. Material: ABS
8. Input: 12V/1.5A
9. Input interface: DC round port 5.0
10. Wireless output: 10W maximum
11. Speaker output power: 5W maximum
12. Lamp output power: 1.5W
13. Dimensions: 130x147x87.1mm

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