MOMAX QL3 Q.LED MIRROR Multi-function Wireless Charging Beauty Mirror Table Lamp, UK Plug

MOMAXArtikelnummer-Lagerplatz | HCB1411UK

CHF 161.82
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1. Touch the brightness indicator of the desk lamp with finger slide, switch the brightness of warm white light, daylight level light source, 6 level brightness adjustment
2. Touch the smart timer button before going to bed, the table lamp and fill light will be automatically turned off after 1 hour of deep sleep, which is very intimate
3. Support wireless playback while wireless charging, LED blue light indicates charging / music / table lamp and makeup lamp working status
4. The lamp head can be adjusted up and down 180 degrees, it is convenient and easy to use no matter sitting, standing makeup, desktop or bedside reading
5. Identify and charge the phone intelligently within 8mm distance, and charge it with the phone case, the speed is not affected
6. Bluetooth version: 4.2
7. Material: ABS + Acrylic + Glass lens
8. Dimensions: 250x220x180mm
9. Accessories: professional makeup magnifying glass, QC3.0 charger, Type-C to USB cable (1 meter)

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