Multi-function Home Desktop LED Alarm Clock with Calendar & Temperature & Time Display

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1. Display Type: Number
2. Special features: world time, music alarm clock, calendar, thermometer, blue backlight, reverse timer, birthday reminder
3. Power type: battery
4. Movement: Electronics
5. Protective film problem: The machine is made of hard protective film when it leaves the factory. If it is torn off, it cannot be reinstalled. It plays a role of protection and anti-counterfeiting. Please refer to the left screen position of the photo above.
6. Music Appreciation (This machine comes with 7 pure music to choose from. The general alarm clock/timer does not have this function. Note: This machine is not a music player.)
7. Use three AAA batteries (supplied)
8. Product size (approx.): 12.5 cm high and 6.5 cm wide

Included: Chinese and English manual, color paper box

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