Multi-function LED Projection Alarm Clock Voice Talking Clock, Specification:Black + USB cable

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Type:Alarm Clocks
1. Style: European
2. Applicable places: Study room, office, bedroom, living room
3. Special features: Luminous, perpetual calendar, thermometer
4. Power type: 3xAAA battery (not included) or USB 5V.
5. Shell material: Plastic
6. Color: White without USB cable, Black without USB cable, Black + USB cable, White + USB cable
7. Alarm clock size / weight: About 9x9x10.5cm / about 0.188kg
8. Packing box: Neutral English box
9. Introduction of main functions:
5 kinds of music alarms, built-in big speakers, clear sound volume and appropriate size. The time can be switched in 12/24 hours, and the temperature shows the Fahrenheit/Celsius switch. With blue or green backlight. Support 24 hours all-day voice report time temperature and 15 hours of intelligent voice report time temperature, support a set of music alarms and snooze function 10 minutes apart. Time-keeping, snooze, and alarm support a one-button switch, which is very convenient. The projection is clear and the sound is loud.
10. Description of the main function keys:
1) mooe is the function key Press to adjust the time hr adjusts hour min adjust minute
Press 2 times to adjust the alarm
Press 3 times to adjust the hourly timekeeping option (hr) Alarm 24/15
Startup option (min)
2) Normal state Press hr to adjust 12/24 hour display switching
3) Press and hold the hr button and press the min button at the same time to switch the Fahrenheit/Celsius display.

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