Multi-Function USB LED Lamp Touch Light with Qi Wireless Charging Pad(White)

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Power Source:Rechargeable Battery
1. Three modes adjustable light, white light / warm light / weak light, providing you with a more comfortable reading experience
2. Wireless charging is more convenient and suitable for multiple scenarios
3. LED light source, low energy consumption, more environmental protection
4. The color is true and natural, reducing the true color of real objects
5. Folding lamp arm, multi - Angle lighting more convenient

1. Input voltage: 5V / 2A 9V / 2A
2. Output power: 10W & 7.5W & 5W
3. Dimensions: 160 x 85 x 268mm
4. Package size: 175 x 105 x 65mm
5. Net weight: 163g
6. Gross weight: 226g

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