Multifunctional Electronic Alarm Clock Bedside Night Light Intelligent Childrens Clock(Orange)

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1. Material: ABS/PP/electronic original device
2. Product size: 80x80x120mm
3. Single net weight/gross weight: 150G/210G
4. Working voltage: 3V-5.5v
5. Rated power: 1.2W
6. Input: 5V/1A
7. Power cord length: 1M
8. Warm white lamp color temperature: 2800k-3200k
9. Charging time: 3-5 hours
10. Rated current: 150 mA (night light is on)
11. Voice control switch, USB interface charging, high-definition panel, see the time at a glance
12. Gentle and cute, sleep with the night light, not afraid of dark night
One Package Weight 0.21kgs / 0.47lb
Qty per Carton 140lb
Carton Weight 30kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 77cm * 62cm * 51cm / 30.31inch * 24.41inch * 20.08inch
Loading Container 20GP: 109 cartons * 140 pcs = 15260 pcs
40HQ: 254 cartons * 140 pcs = 35560 pcs

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