Multifunctional Seven-type Through-hole Crystal Head 6P8P Wire Stripping Network Tool Extrusion Crimping Wire Network Cable Pliers


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1. Material: tool steel / ABS
2. Size: 21X10X3.5cm (package)
3. Weight: 350g
4. Seven types of crystal head crimping, suitable for 8P / 6P crystal head
5. The tool head is made of high hardness and precision materials, which is light and convenient to carry, durable, and has a long service life.
6. The external dimensions of the crimped wire are consistent with the crystal head, which is not prone to misalignment, and can better make the connection between the twisted pair and the crystal head
The handle is made of special soft rubber material, which is non-slip and comfortable to use
7. With thread cutting and stripping function, but without pressure dovetail clamp function

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