NBY-18 Mobile Phone Wireless Bluetooth Multi-function Mini Speaker, Support TF Card(Black)

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1. Supports hands-free function + built-in microphone function, can be directly connected to the phone after connection.
2. Built-in FM high-frequency radio, automatic search and storage, easy to operate. Listen to music, real-time traffic, current news, entertainment, and more.
3. Bluetooth 4.2, the connection is more stable, faster, and the effective distance is 10 meters.
4. Two-channel speaker, 360-degree stereo 3D surround sound, fully restore the sound quality.
5. Built-in 1600mAh lithium battery, charging time 2 hours, standby time 50 hours, music playback time 10 hours.
6. Support all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, computers, iPads and other devices.
7. Mini size, easy to carry, enjoy music anytime, anywhere.

1. Support multiple playback modes: TF card / U disk playback, AUX audio input.
2. Weight 252g.
3. Audio interface: 3.5mm.
4. Charging interface: USB.
5. Product material: ABS.

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