Networking RJ45 Cat5E Jack Module Connector Adapter (Good Quality)


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1) Extra class V jack modular

2) Duct satisfies T-568A extra class V transmission specification as well as the wiring sequence of T568A and T568B

3) It is applicable for connection of telecommunication jacks between equipment room and working area

4) The structure is compact and on the modular, the distinct general-purpose

wiring sequence labels are used for a correct and quick terminating

5) The lockable terminal cap will ensure a solid terminating to avoid its loose

6) The 8-pin contact has 30μm gold-plating and its durability can withstand

1,500 cycles of insert and pull

7) The post is covered by polycarbonate and IDC post clamp is made of phosphor


8) It is applicable to wire sizes of 22, 24 and 26AWG (0.64, 0.5 and 0.4mm) and its durability can withstand 250 cycles of insert and pull

9) Standard wiring sequence of T568A and T568B

10) Transmission performance is tested under 100MHz

11) Near-end cross-talk: 44.5dB

12) Attenuation: 0.17dB

13) Backward wave loss: 30.0dB

14) Average: 46.3dB

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