New Rixing NR7017 TWS Portable 10W Stereo Surround Soundbar Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone(Blue)

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1.AUX audio input
2.Mini USB data transmission,Mini USB can insert TF card for data transmission and connect to this port on the computer to play music,charge or USB charger can be charge directly
3.The built-in battery,The built-in battery can be recharged repeatedly and supports the maximum volum play four hours
4.TF card music playing,Built-in intelligent TF decoding can play the MP3.WMA.WAV format music in the card stored previoudly
5.Function highly intergrated ,In addition to wireless bluetooth, the Speaker has been highly intergrated; hands-free answering phones,enquiry line,TF card player,AUX input.
6.Manipulate simple and easy to use Control buttons are designed in the middle or back of the body.
7.Delicate and moving sound quality

Bluetooth version: 5.0+EDR
Output power: 5W * 2
speaker: 52mm
frequency response: 100Hz-18KHz
FM broadcast band: 87MHz-108MHz
coverage area: 10 meters
Input Voltage: DC5V (1A)
battery: 1800mAh
noise-signal radio: 80dB more
Product size:45*7*7.3CM
Packing SIze: 47*8.2*7.9CM
N.W: 815G
G.W: 1003G
MEAS: 50.3*45.3*54.6CM
N.W: 30.09KG
G.W: 32.94KG

Porduct Including:
1 x Bluetooth speaker
1 x AUX cable
1 x USB cable
1 x User manual

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