NewRixing NR-3020 Outdoor TWS Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Waterproof Dustproof Shockproof Speaker(Black)

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1. Two 3.5mm external AUX audio input channels
2. Wireless connection and playback via Bluetooth 4.2 + EDR version
3. Support FM radio and TF card player (not included)
4. Support hands-free when answering the phone (using microphone)
5. Support TWS1+1 to achieve true wireless Bluetooth left and right channel separation speakers

1. Chip: Bluetooth 4.2
2. Output power: 3W x 2
3. Power input: DC 5V/1A
4. Speaker: 52 mm, 4 ohm, 16 core
5. Input impedance: 4 ohms
6. Signal to noise ratio: above 80dB
7. Power plug type: micro USB
8. Charging time: 2 hours
9. Battery: 1200mAh
10. Technical frequency: 90Hz -18KHz
11. Bluetooth working range: 10m
12. Bluetooth protocol: A2DP/AVRCP/HFP
13. Product size: 19.60 x 6.10 x 8.10 cm
14. Product weight: 0.4395 kg

Packing list:
Bluetooth speaker x 1
Audio cable x 1
Charging cable x 1
User manual x 1

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