NewRixing NR-4014 Outdoor Portable Hand-held Bluetooth Speaker with Hands-free Call Function, Support TF Card & USB & FM & AUX (Black)

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About that product
1. 10W high power, motherboard with boost
2. TWS series technology
3. Four-level splash-proof water, the appearance of rubber oil, super comfortable feel
4. Built-in 1500 mAh full 18650 original battery
5. Bluetooth playback test at 80% volume
Play time: 3-4 hours, charging time: 4 hours (play time varies with volume and audio content)

Product parameters
1. Output power: 2x 5W
2. Speaker: 2, external magnetic 4ohm 5W, 57mm
3. Signal to noise ratio: >=80dB
4. Bluetooth standard: 4.2+EDR
5. Working distance: >=10 meters
6. Input voltage: <=DC5V (1A)

Product Features
1. Bluetooth function / hands-free calling / FM radio / support USB, TF card playback / support AUX audio playback / support for cyclic charging / TWS function

1. Charging cable, audio cable, manual

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