NewRixing NR-3025L Portable Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with LED Flashlight & TF Card Slot & FM, Built-in Microphone(Black)

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Product Features:
1. compatible with FM, TF, audio input, Bluetooth stereo, excellent sound quality, bass shock, hands-free function, a key to answer the call, creative simple and elegant appearance!
2. Bluetooth wireless transmission, to solve the usual long wire short wire, wireless where you want to put where to put.
3. You can answer the phone, connect the phone using Bluetooth, speakers with a microphone, zero radiation, a body good.
4. with LED Flashlight.
5. The appearance of the plastic material, texture extraordinary fashion.
6. The dual magnetic double horn subwoofer, using high-fidelity speakers, make sound more natural and delicate.
7. Built-in high-capacity 1200 mA lithium battery, environmentally friendly and practical.
8. Playing Music: 5 hours

Bluetooth 5.0
output power:3w*2
speaker unit:4Ω 3w/45mm
LED Flashlight Power:1W
SNR: 80dB and more
battery capacity:1200mAh
Technical Frequency: 100HZ -18KHZ
FM Broadcast Band: 87MHz-108MHz
Product Size(L x W x H):82*82*209mm
Package Size(L x W x H):8.7*8.7*22 cm
Product weight:0.485kg
Package weight:0.570kg
MEAS :46.5*45.5*45.5CM
Mulitiple Functions:Flashlight,SOS,Wireless Play,USB Drive,TF card,AUX Input,FM radio,Hands-Free Call,TWS Connection.

Package Contents:
Speaker x 1
USB cable x 1
Audio cable x 1
English user manual x 1

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